JSConf BR 2013
Fortaleza/CE - Brazil - June 22

JSConf BR 2013 Wrap Up

Wow, it's really hard to put into words what we are feeling right now. Having had the experience of sharing precious moments with all the attendees and speakers, we only have the following words to say:


This event wouldn't be possible without the help of our sponsors, and we would like to thank Caelum and Dataprev for helping us to have a fantastic venue and lunch, Mozilla for ensuring our supply of caffeine and finger food during the entire day, &yet for our beer supply!

Have you blogged about JSConf BR? Shoot @jsconfbr a tweet and let us know! That's the best feedback we could have from you!

Having this family together was a blast! See you all next year!

qmx, Calebe, Milfont and Gogó


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Alex Sexton

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JSConf BR - the awesomesauce

Our mission is to make the technology community better,

more diverse, and more human; in short,

we just want to make things better.


Brendan Eich

Brendan Eich co-founded mozilla.org and is currently the CTO and SVP Engineering at Mozilla. He is widely known for his contributions to the evolution of the Web, including inventing JavaScript and spearheading its ongoing standardization and evolution.


Henrik Joreteg

JS dev and partner at &yet where I work with my friends and heros. Lead developer on And Bang and conversat.io


Alex Sexton

JavaScripter. Modernizr Team member. Created Yepnope, Jed, MessageFormat.js. jQuery Board of Advisors.


Nando Vieira

Nando Vieira writes about Rails since 2006 at Simples Ideias, one of the most well known blog about the subject in Brazil. Founder of Hellobits, he's been through several companies such as Locaweb, UOL, and Abril. Presented talks in many software development events such as Rubyconf Brazil, Ceará on Rails, Oxente Rails, BrazilJS, DevInSampa, and many others. He also founded Codeplane and HOWTO, and maintains dozens of open source projects.


Angelina Fabbro

Firefox OS Technical this-and-that at Mozilla. Mostly programs in JavaScript, Objective C and sometimes both at the same time. Teaches for SFU and Ladies Learning Code, participates in web standards discussions, and happens to have a penchant for bleeding edge browser features like Shadow DOM, Custom Elements, and HTML Imports. A gatekeeper of both the VanJS Meetup and the Polyglot Conference in sunny (not) Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Martin Boßlet

Martin is a freelancer by day, by night he is also a member of ruby-core, one of the maintainers of the Ruby OpenSSL extension and the author of krypt. Cryptography is his passion, and not only after the epiphany he had once realizing that his last name carries "ssl" in it. He's been helping the European Commission to implement a digital signature platform over the past years, and this was also the reason for krypt - so that he could do it in a sane language for once. He loves programming languages in general and he recently discovered blogging as a compensation for not haunting other people with lengthy emails anymore.


Adam Brault

Adam is the founder of &yet, where he also works as a frontend developer and product designer. He is also the organizer of RealtimeConf and Brio. Adam believes business and software are two powerful tools which can be used to change the world for the better.


Sérgio Lopes

Web developer since 1999, loves front-end technologies. Developer and instructor at Caelum since 2004, speaker in many events in Brazil, active blogger about web and front-end, and book writer. Lately, has been deeply involved in topics like web performance optimization and mobile Web.


Ricardo Tomasi

Developer and product designer, node.js & javascript enthusiast. Helping startups come to life @ Node Prototypes. Created the Creek.io RSS reader, Flour build tools, co-authored RyeJS, and contributes to the Ghost project.


Venue & Location

La Maison Buffet

Av Eng Luiz Vieira, 555 Papicu
Fortaleza/CE - Brazil

Hotel Rooms

Hotel bookings at Rafas Tours Travel Agency:
contato@rafastours.com.br (use JSCONFBR2013 on the subject)
+55 85 3264-9027

Brendan Eich

"Always bet on JS."

Schedule (tentative)

Saturday, June 22nd

Time Title Speaker
09:00AM Registration
09:50AM Opening Remarks
10:00AM Toward a language-neutral browser VM Brendan Eich
10:40AM All you need to know about JS loading and execution in the browser Sérgio Lopes
11:20AM Henrik Joreteg
12:00PM Lunch
01:40PM Lightning Talk 1
02:00PM Firefox OS and You: The Web's Best Little Secret Revealed Angelina Fabbro
02:40PM Rockscript: Web Audio API, Sockets and Guitars Ricardo Tomasi
03:20PM Hacking Parsers and Compilers in JS Alex Sexton
04:00PM Coffee-Break
05:00PM JavaScript Crypto - Ugly Duckling with Good Reason? Martin Boßlet
05:40PM JavaScript, Spaghetti and Meatballs (or why modularity matters) Nando Vieira
06:20PM No title Adam Brault
07:00PM Closing Thoughts
07:20PM Closing Party